Lucian Hendricks Skateboard Deck

As a life long skateboarder (minus a small 15 year gap to get married, buy houses, have kids etc..) when the opportunity to design a deck for one of the first professional skateboarders I ever saw skate came up, I was pretty excited to say the least! The design was a very labour intensive hand drawn and inked scene based on the Mad Hatters Tea Party scene in Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland. The final drawing was scanned and coloured digitally.

Pencil sketches were drafted at slightly larger than actual size.

The pencil drawings were then placed on a light box and inked by hand.

The inked drawings were photographed at high resolution and then opened in Adobe Photoshop for tidying up and colouring.

The final printed 32×8.5″deck….

A British Skateboarding legend receives his finished deck!

…then I did some matching wheels – ‘Furballs’!.