In the 80’s my parents bought me a Ricoh TF900 Automatic 35mm camera, I’d shoot my skateboarding mates at a local school playground imagining it was California and not a small mining village near Doncaster. At the time I was too obsessed with slavishly copying pictures out of 2000AD comic to ever consider photography as a career, so, I went through the motions of art college, an illustration degree and finally a job in graphic design mixing my traditional drawing skills with the digital world.

I started to photograph whatever I couldn’t find in stock imagery to incorporate into my design work. The visual correlation between my photographed images and drawn designs sparked an interest in producing more work for myself, design clients became photography clients and I now work almost exclusively as a photographer. My work is about people and the result of finding a balance between what they choose to show me and what I inadvertently discover during the process of making a photograph.

I’m based in Yorkshire and enjoy travelling wherever the next job happens to be.

Well, that’s me, how about you?

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